Street figther

I see everyone’s the same like we all go up and down in life like the ride goes. When you are busy,having fun, and happy you forget about all the problems in your life. The two times I go on street fighter I see they all give excited,happy,lugth, make jokes, and when the ride is over, they see I think they are thinking about something sad. I am christian so I hope I act like christian like yes I messed up but I still try. I am christian and I see I’m was they like I love go on crazy wild ride, and I did love do crazy and wild things when I was want only do my way and my way was a dumb idea because I not list to God but if I not remember God see me, God do love me who I am, God real see me like he know what I need, God is able and powerfully, and remember everything what James my dad tell me about God. I may not be alive, and maybe I am not living at my mom’s place, I go full wild, and I am not truly happy.I know now if you do not have God in your life. Life have no matter at all.

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